Saw my grandma today and she was telling us all about her daughter taking money from her and in the saddest voice I HAVE EVEEER HEARD she says “and then she called me a stupid old lady…” and she tried so fucking hard not to cry and omg it broke my heart so hard, poor baby! I have never in my entire life heard her cry

I’m sorry, that’s so sad :(

#Stuff ‘n Such

Hey to anyone who gives a fuck about reading this, I’m a 27 year old mother of 4, I have 2 daughters and 2 sons, my oldest daughter is 8, her sister is 7, my oldest son is 3, and my youngest just turned 1 :) I love music, sewing and DIY, I love art, tattoos, working out, crazy makeup, costumes, cosplay, space, and nature, I express myself with my hair, I love coloring it and cutting it in crazy ways. I decided to start a tumblr page to find others with the same type of interests and to share what I love with others. I will add my pictures real soon, I have old pictures of different makeup and hairstyles I’ve done over the years, I’ll also post some new ones sense I just did my hair again ;D